know your place

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know (one's) place

To be aware of the limit of one's role in a particular place or situation. I know my place, so I don't bother the CEO when I see him around the office. I'm just an intern, after all.
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know your ˈplace

behave in a way that shows that you know what your social position is and which people are more important than you: My grandfather believed that life was simpler when he was young, when everybody knew their place.
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THE idea that a Government minister can allegedly tell a man whose duty it is to protect them, that he is a "pleb" and to "know your place" and then for the Conservatives to say, as they did on these pages on October 15, what does it matter, really shows the attitude that is prevalent in the party.
This comment is based more on the outdated class prejudice of "know your place" than any real facts.
The General Election is on the way So I thought I'd show my face I always know just what to say And you, you know your place. I'll hold your baby in my arms And you can all say aahh!
IT'S always handy to know your place. A team of UK-led investors has set up a new global sports company, known as Nobok, with the stated aim of ``giving fans unrivalled access to sporting legends''.
He is outstandingly undistinguished," said The Mail On Sunday, straight from the Working Class Know Your Place school of thought.
Know your place -give dinner parties a fun ice breaking twist with a set of eight novelty place card bricks (pounds 20, from Bombay Duck, 0208 749 8001 or www.bombayduck.