know where (one) stands

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know where (one) stands

1. To know how one is regarded or perceived by someone else. I think I did well in the interview, but I wish I knew where I stood with the recruiter.
2. To know one's position or views on some topic. I'm opposed to this measure, but does anyone know where the boss stands on it?
See also: know, stand

know where someone stands

(on someone or something) to know what someone thinks or feels about something. I don't know where John stands on this issue. I don't even know where I stand.
See also: know, stand

know where one stands

1. Be aware of one's position relative to others, or how one is regarded by others, as in I'd love to know where I stand with the new board.
2. Be aware of one's own opinion or feelings about something, as in He knows where he stands on the issue of public housing.
See also: know, one, stand

know where you ˈare/ˈstand

know what your position is; know what somebody expects of you: I don’t know where I stand with him. I don’t know what he feels about me.Has she talked to you about your chances of promotion? Do you know where you stand?
See also: know, stand
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"There's still plenty of life in Vardy, but he will want to know where he stands - and that's only right.
Haskell was left out of the autumn games by boss Eddie Jones and will know where he stands as a training squad is announced at lunchtime.
Jackett insists the move - which in itself does little to find the quartet new clubs - was designed to let them know where he stands, and they are unlikely to travel to Scotland for the club's preseason training camp.
We tell each coach to always be honest and let the young man know where he stands in the recruiting process.
I wanted to know where he stands on the issue of tax havens.
And Shadow Scots Secretary George Robertson has written to Michael Forsyth demanding to know where he stands.
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