not know what hit (one)

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not know what hit (one)

To be extremely shocked, surprised, or confused by something. When my father passed away, I just didn't know what hit me. With this new strategy, our opponents won't know what hit them.
See also: hit, know, not, what

not know what hit you

be hit, killed, or attacked by someone or something without warning.
See also: hit, know, not, what

not know what ˈhit you

(informal) be so surprised by something that you do not know how to react: You should have seen his reaction! He didn’t know what had hit him! OPPOSITE: see something coming
See also: hit, know, not, what
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Once this is completed, you have a wind, water, and scent-tight blind that's so realistic, the game you pursue won't know what hit them--until it's too late.
OK, we lost and you get no points for losing, but if we can maintain that kind of form for the rest of the season then many of the lesser teams will not know what hit them.
Sometimes their eyes get real big, like a deer in the headlights, like they don't know what hit them.
What might start out as a friendship could morph into romance before you even know what hit.
However, Bellamy's equaliser signalled a sensational turnaround and Mallorca didn't know what hit them.
00346 second of the journey, a time so short "you'd never know what hit you," says Gott.
Martin Vassalli says he still doesn't know what hit him.
They can't always brace before the car plunges into the abyss, but they usually know what hit them.
Most injured participants never do, because they never know what hit them.
We didn't know what hit us,'' said Embrey, who will speak at Saturday's ceremony.
Many companies are so unprepared to confront hackers that they never know what hit them," says M6dulo's Bastos.
PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 26, 1999--A recently published Semico Impact Bulletin, "Genetic Algorithms: Will the PLD Companies Know What Hit Them?
The kid was never going to know what hit him, they agreed.
THE Big Apple didn't know what hit it when the Sex And The City girls decided to party .
When Carmen's Tabasco-hot curves and temperament get her arrested in a bar fight, Miller has Hill take her in for booking, and the poor guy doesn't know what hit him.