know (one's) own mind

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know (one's) own mind

To be firmly resolute and confident in one's ideas, intentions, plans, or opinions. I've never worried too much about the effects of peer pressure on Kelly, as she really knows her own mind on what's right or wrong.
See also: know, mind, own

know one's own mind

Be certain about what one wants; be decisive. For example, Don't ask him; he's so tired that he doesn't know his own mind, or She certainly knows her own mind when it comes to giving stage directions. This term was first recorded in 1824.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own mind

be decisive and certain.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own ˈmind

know what you want or like: At 25 you’re old enough to know your own mind and make these decisions for yourself.
See also: know, mind, own
References in periodicals archive ?
Sometimes we talk about older people as if they are children but they know what they want and they know their own minds.
Younger women have tried to make their mark on Loose Women but it never quite works - they want women who speak their minds not girls who don't even know their own minds yet.
Children today certainly know their own minds, especially when it comes to their bedrooms.
In the meantime, teenagers should know that GPs have agreed to keep their secrets, provided they are confident that they are old enough to know their own minds.