know place

know (one's) place

To be aware of the limit of one's role in a particular place or situation. I know my place, so I don't bother the CEO when I see him around the office. I'm just an intern, after all.
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know one's place

to know the behavior appropriate to one's position or status in life. I know my place. I won't speak unless spoken to. People around here are expected to know their place. You have to follow all the rules.
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Did anybody you know place an order for the Model 3?
The problem is that no-one wants one of these places anywhere near them (nimbyism) and I know places out in the back of beyond that get harassment off the nimbys to the point of calling it a day.
"I didn't know places like this existed in arrgghhh," he slipped down the sheer face.
Sadness Is A Blessing and Jerome are driven by Spector-esque drums, while slower tracks such as Unrequited Love and I Know Places are interesting.
Delaney said those who have an area they wish to clean may do so, or, if they want guidance, the organizers of the event know places in the city where trash especially collects.
Ramsey and Collison know places are up for grabs for the coming World cup showdowns with Finland and Germany.
The name of a place or road would reflect something about it - how many of us know places called Watery Lane, Deep Cut, Flood Street and the like?
"I know places these memorial have been for three years and they are still perfect."
Carol Gustafson, chairwoman of the Safer Merseyside Partnership, which is backing the campaign, said: ``We know places of worship are vulnerable to crime.
"They know places are still up for grabs in the Heineken Cup, so they're hardly going to be coasting.
"We know places like Los Angeles are very bad, but this bit of the M6 is undoubtedly one of the worst - if not the worst - stretches of road in the world.
But Taylor, 25, appeared to serenade her beau when she preformed I Know Places when her European tour hit Dublin earlier this week.
Keane added: "The players know places are up for grabs and there's a lot to play for tomorrow."