know (one's) own mind

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know (one's) own mind

To be firmly resolute and confident in one's ideas, intentions, plans, or opinions. I've never worried too much about the effects of peer pressure on Kelly, as she really knows her own mind on what's right or wrong.
See also: know, mind, own

know one's own mind

Be certain about what one wants; be decisive. For example, Don't ask him; he's so tired that he doesn't know his own mind, or She certainly knows her own mind when it comes to giving stage directions. This term was first recorded in 1824.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own mind

be decisive and certain.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own ˈmind

know what you want or like: At 25 you’re old enough to know your own mind and make these decisions for yourself.
See also: know, mind, own
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Having shrugged off the insecurities of our 20s, we know our own minds, tend to be on career paths and more stable financially, and have gained perspective and self-awareness.
She describes how Western society has developed images and concepts of normality based on politics and economics, how experience has developed concepts of the spectrum (autistic and typical), how the individual and family operate within society's concepts about what is normal, the role of language, the right to know our own minds, the links between autism and sexuality, the movement to increase inclusion and the impetus to go against the status quo.
MEMO TO POLITICIANS: WE SCOTS ARE BIG ENOUGH TO KNOW OUR OWN MINDS Bag lady: Liverpool star Steven Gerrard's wife Alex shopping in France last week
David Velleman, Dunn asserts that, by reasoning about truth and values, we possess a unique, non- observational way of coming to know our own minds and hearts, together with what we are going to make happen in the world.