know different/otherwise

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know different

To understand or be certain that a particular opinion is unfounded or incorrect. There's a common perception that being a stay-at-home parent is the easy option, but I know different.
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know ˈdifferent/ˈotherwise

(informal) have more information about something: She thought he was upset about the divorce, but I knew different.
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With PGM Reliable Transport Protocol, users are assured that messages sent once are delivered to recipients or they will know otherwise within seconds.
Every now and again it flares up but I suppress it now because I know otherwise it will allow my will to run riot.
His wife had just had a kid, we were told there were problems and didn't know otherwise until last week, a couple of days before the story broke.
We need to be focused for 90 minutes, or 94 minutes, because we know otherwise we'll get punished.
However, the school football team know otherwise so teachers, 'Watch out
If not, I think someone should let them know otherwise the chap whose job it is to count the yachts back in is going to have a very easy time of it.
If I didn't know otherwise I would have said that Robert was drunk.
Det Supt Kemp said last night, 'At the moment we can't say whether the death was suspicious, but we are treating it as suspicious and we will treat it that way until we know otherwise.
We cannot rule out that they may be linked to the previous incidents, but we have to keep an open mind until we know otherwise.
In his mind, he probably thinks he's doing OK, but the fans in Philadelphia know otherwise.
We are treating it as a crime scene until we know otherwise.
There is no reliable way now for consumers to know otherwise.
I'm super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise," wrote the 20-year-old Canadian singer on Twitter.
At this point we were treating the fire as persons trapped as we didn't know otherwise and there was no one outside the property.
If I didn't know otherwise I'd guess he'd been out camping for a night," she said.