know (one's) own mind

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know (one's) own mind

To be firmly resolute and confident in one's ideas, intentions, plans, or opinions. I've never worried too much about the effects of peer pressure on Kelly, as she really knows her own mind on what's right or wrong.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own mind

be decisive and certain.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own ˈmind

know what you want or like: At 25 you’re old enough to know your own mind and make these decisions for yourself.
See also: know, mind, own
References in classic literature ?
I don't know my own mind, and that's what's the trouble.
And as to most matters, to say the truth, there are not many that I know my own mind about.
I'd been having a bad time with my boyfriend and I wanted to confide in my dad but he fobbed me off, telling me I'm a big girl now and should know my own mind.
I know my own mind and body so after a lot of thought I've decided the time will be right this year.
Mid-season is not the best time to come to a hard and fast decision about my future but I will know my own mind better in May when the season ends.
I know I'm very young but I also know my own mind and I don't want to pretend I'm someone I'm not.
Barrymore, who is now back at work, said: "Quite literally, I do not know my own mind.