know (one's) own mind

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know (one's) own mind

To be firmly resolute and confident in one's ideas, intentions, plans, or opinions. I've never worried too much about the effects of peer pressure on Kelly, as she really knows her own mind on what's right or wrong.
See also: know, mind, own

know one's own mind

Be certain about what one wants; be decisive. For example, Don't ask him; he's so tired that he doesn't know his own mind, or She certainly knows her own mind when it comes to giving stage directions. This term was first recorded in 1824.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own mind

be decisive and certain.
See also: know, mind, own

know your own ˈmind

know what you want or like: At 25 you’re old enough to know your own mind and make these decisions for yourself.
See also: know, mind, own
References in classic literature ?
"From what you tell me I suppose she was married before she was old enough to know her own mind or heart, and found out too late that she had made a mistake.
Whether the young lady had a special motive for hanging back, or whether she was merely fretting because she did not know her own mind, it was, in either case, necessary to come to a distinct understanding, sooner or later, on the serious question of the marriage.
When a comedian from these parts proclaims she's definitely not getting married, she may not know her own mind. Last week Sarah Millican surprised her one million followers on twitsville with the news she had said 'I do' to fellow comic, Gary Delaney.
Neither British nor Egyptian police can intervene: at 17, Amy is old enough to know her own mind and no crime has been committed.
A YOUR daughter is old enough to know her own mind. Hopefully her new partner, unlike her own mother, is more interested in her character than her looks.
And when Shabina was pushed on a question, she didn't seem to know her own mind - looking to her barrister to answer.