know by heart

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know (something) by heart

To have learned or memorized something completely. Ask Becky to recite the poem—she knows it by heart. I can't sing that song in front of an audience if I don't know the words by heart!
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know something by heart

Fig. to know something perfectly; to have memorized something perfectly. I know my speech by heart. I went over and over it until I knew it by heart.
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The piece is meant as a call to the spirit, to the beauty we know by heart if only we could let ourselves remember.
Yet there truly is only one story, one that we will know by heart like the story of penicillin and the birth of antibiotics--when a cure for HIV/AIDS is found.
So the [Illegible Text] that day, the memorable ones even our children know by heart.
Pick up an article in any major publication about this year's primary campaign and get ready for a stream of cliches that most Americans now know by heart - "rugged individualists," "rock-ribbed conservatism," "Yankee common sense," "grassroots democracy," "New England town-meeting tradition," "New Hampshirites like to look a man in the eye before they give him their vote.
Catechists traditionally were those who taught the catechism, those famous questions and answers that many older Catholics still know by heart.
I loved seeing how they were in different places and it was always familiar; it was always very much what I knew and know by heart," she said.
Many people have their specially and personally significant passages of scripture, the ones they go back to, read over often, even know by heart.