not know beans

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not know beans (about something)

To know nothing or next to nothing (about something). Don't ask me! I don't know beans about car engines. I'm fairly handy when it comes to fixing cars, but put me in front of a computer and I won't know beans.
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not know beans (about someone or something)

Inf. to know nothing about someone or something. Bill doesn't know beans about flying an airplane. When it comes to flying, I don't know beans.
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not know beans

Also, not know the first thing; not know from nothing. Be ignorant about something, as in a poem published in the Yale Literary Magazine in 1855: "When our recent Tutor is heard to speak, This truth one certainly gleans, Whatever he knows of Euclid and Greek, In Latin he don't know beans." The beans in this colloquial phrase, dating from the early 1800s, signify something small and worthless; not knowing the first thing about something clearly shows one doesn't know anything about it at all; and the third slangy phrase, with its double negative, implies stupidity as well as ignorance, as in Poor girl, just starting out and she doesn't know from nothing.
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not know beans

See also: bean, know, not
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I know beans are a staple of a nutritious diet, but there are so many varieties.
Truly, you don't know beans, lettuce or corn until you've experienced the heirloom varieties.
Scientists finally do know beans about soybeans, thanks to a newly unveiled, sequenced genome.
I wasn't a rugby fan - I didn't know beans about rugby.
The problem is we don't know beans about it," Lancaster Finance Committee member Walter Sendrowski said.
If you are calling on me and you don't know beans about me or my company, I'll know for sure that all you care about is your sale.
Yet, two years ago he got lucky on a big bull, and then, because he didn't have enough sense to know he doesn't know beans about writing, he wrote a story about that big bull--and we published it in Big Game Special 2002.
There were lots of people who said, 'He doesn't know beans about running this business.
Neither cops, DAs, judges or juries know beans about handloading so picture this: You are sitting in the witness chair and the contingency-fee lawyer who is suing you -- they'll do that you know -- for everything you own will play on the general ignorance of judge and jury to paint you as a crazed killer.
The technology experts who don't know beans about marketing.
Four-fifths of the way through her new book, For the Time Being, Annie Dillard confesses, "I don't know beans about God.
I am curious about women's bodies, though I don't know beans about them.
The consulting team's magician justifies his position by stating he doesn't have any preconceptions, which usually means he doesn't know beans about the problem.
They're smart guys, and I've had chicken at their place, but they don't know beans about trees or shade or how, with just a few minutes' work and some decent root growth, they could have a first-rate, cool-water pond that would give everybody in the neighborhood a hand up.
Few sell reloading equipment - they have only the most popular ammunition none accept trades - and all too often the clerk behind the counter doesn't know beans (he/she normally works in the jewelry department and is just filling in).