know as

know someone or something as something

to recognize someone or something as something. I know Mr. Franklin as a fine man. I know this name as a very fine brand.
See also: know
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I know as a visual artist there are certainly stereotypes of the visual artist.
"You know as well as I do that there are people out there--murderers, thieves, terrorists--who just want to steal and destroy for their own evil purposes, who want to destroy God's work.
As Saint Thomas Aquinas explained in his Sermon on the Creed, "No philosopher before the coming of Christ could, with all his striving, know as much about God and the things required for eternal life as an old woman could through faith after Christ's coming."
We would have to be God to know as God knows, and that, says Thompson, "would be idolatry, because it would try to de-divinise God.
Beaumont: It seems that you know a very eclectic selection of people that may have turned you on to different ways of thinking than the average person who might find himself in that situation.