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The exact cause of ileoileal knotting is not known.
[5.] Shepherd, J.J., Ninety-two cases of ileosigmoid knotting in Uganda.
Another aspect to be considered when knotting ropes is the security of the knot itself.
Step 3 For wings, use a red lace to put ordinary knot at front of knotting laces, make loop at side when tightening knot.
TOKYO, June 3 Kyodo A group of Japanese researchers have succeeded in knotting a single DNA molecule for the first time ever, according to Thursday's issue of a British scientific weekly.
The instruction takes the form of step-by-step tutorials that teach basic knotting techniques, then apply them to particular projects.
However, knotting solution, which is traditionally used to seal the knots before you prime and undercoat the wood, isn't the nicest product to use.
Unusually and cleverly, it seals the knots for you, meaning you don't have to apply knotting solution to them first.
To do this, use knotting solution, which you should find in the wood-treatment section of your local DIY store.
Long, flexible molecules, like DNA or those that make up polymers, can also suffer knotting (SN: 11/16/96, p.