knot together

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knot something together

to tie something together in a knot. Knot these strings together and trim the strings off the knot. Are the ropes knotted together properly? Quickly knot together the two loose ends!
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But the sisters, of West Denton, Newcastle, who tied the knot together, could not let their happy day go by without their daily fix of all the news from home.
For the happy couples, though, the association won't end simply by tying the knot together.
What Thiel cuts apart he must be sure to knot together again; the paper must remain materially intact.
STEP 8: Take three silver beads and three jade beads, string them together alternately using the nylon fishing line, knot together to secure, cut the fishing line and leave to one side.
Meanwhile the other girls were in a tight knot together, all cuddling like old friends.
Step 5: When you come to the end of your length of thread, just knot together another length and keep on going.
Certain works of art make their mark in history by breaking the thread of a tradition; others, perhaps more rare, endure because they are able to knot together numerous threads.