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Alistair Palmer laughed as he swerved into terrified cyclist Michael Martin twice before knocking him off his bike and fleeing the scene.
When he was near the Corner House pub two men wearing hooded tops punched him, knocking him off his bike and then kicked him.
The only way to get one is for a pancake, which is an offensive lineman flattening an opponent by knocking him off his feet.
POLICE are looking for a motorist who left a cyclist by the side of the road after knocking him off his bike.
Now, with the rapidly growing Latino population out of his way, Berman won't have to worry about an ethnic challenger knocking him off his perch, and Latinos will be denied a fair shot at electing one of their own to Congress.
Two bank customers in a van chased down a man suspected of robbing a Great Western Bank in Malibu, knocking him off his bike and holding him until deputies arrived Friday afternoon, authorities said.