knock at (one's) door

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knock at (one's) door

To present (itself) to one as a possibility or (usually desirable) opportunity in the near future, especially temporarily. It was hard leaving my parents and all my friends from high school, but when an opportunity to attend school in Europe knocked at my door, I knew I had to seize the chance. What would you do if the chance to make half a million dollars was suddenly knocking at your door?
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knock at your door


come knocking at your door

If something such as a problem or opportunity knocks at your door or comes knocking at your door, it is likely to happen soon or is starting to happen. All of his life he had been hankering after his personal freedom, and now freedom was knocking at his door, begging him to come in. During these tough economic times, feeling the spirit of happiness can be difficult, especially when the recession has come knocking at your door.
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Yet there's someone far more important than him knocking at your door.
Come and speak to us now on your own terms before we come knocking at your door."
The pair of you are also with other people, so better just leave things as they are until, of course, she comes knocking at your door again.
I would like to mention a book that you might have overlooked: Somebody's Knocking at Your Door: AIDS and the African-American Church (Hayworth Press), which is used in seminaries and faith communities to empower clergy and laypersons to provide HIV prevention education and offer intervention to people living with AIDS.
You can, too,by taking advantage of the enormous opportunities NAMA offers when it comes knocking at your door. All you have to do is open the door wide and become involved.