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(as) black as Newgate's knocker

dated Completely black; totally without light or color. Refers to the black iron knocker on the door of Newgate Prison in London. Primarily heard in UK. The basement gives me the creeps, it's as black as Newgate's knocker down there!
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on the knocker

1 going from door to door, usually canvassing, buying, or selling. 2 (of payment) immediately; on demand. Australian & New Zealand informal
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up to the knocker

in good condition; to perfection. informal
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1. n. the breasts. (Usually objectionable.) Nice knockers, huh?
2. n. the testicles. (Usually objectionable.) Pow, right in the knockers. Ye gods, it hurt!
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A country bumpkin. One of the many terms that city slickers applied to less sophisticated rural dwellers (“rube,” “hayseed,” and “Gomer” are others). The phrase came from fruit harvesters using long sticks to dislodge the hanging crop.
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A fugitive from the law, wishing to claim protection, used the knocker to attract the attention of two watchmen in a chamber over the North Door.
The knocker has adorned the door of this World Heritage Site for over 30 years.
They banged on the cathedral knocker to claim sanctuary from their school being closed.
In front of him, Knocker was kicking anything that moved, 10/10 was causing havoc, Paj and the Kiwi were being pains in the backsides of the opposition, frustrating them big time.
It was only when a neighbour asked where my knocker was that I realised.
He writes: "Knocky Door Danger was where you got a large bobbin of black thread, tied one end to a house door knocker and walked across the street, letting the thread out.
As previously stated, Country World will continue to pursue its Civil Action against Tommy Knocker Casino and its Parent, New Allied Development Corp.
Q WHEN I'd get dirty as a child, my mum used to say: "You're as black as Newgate's knocker.
It was Knocker Jock who looked set to make every yard, but Thornton kept going and edged out Storm Talk in a blanket finish by half-a-length.
I saw a knocker on an old oak door The likes of which I've never seen before In polished brass shining ever so bright Glistens like gold in the morning light A brass door knob and a letter box And there's an old fashioned lock The wall outside bears a brass plate With words which say knock and wait Ornamental stonework, a mason's pride Now stand blackened by everyday grime I can't help wondering who lives within Velvet curtains prevent outsiders looking in As I go my way my thoughts do stray To that house well-built in Victoria's day A fitting reminder of days of sail Of ships laden down with cotton bale Of landed gentry dressed in top hat and tails Horse and carriage awaits, a flunky holds the reins Once cobbled streets now covered in tarmac I only wish I could turn the clock back
filed a civil action against Tommy Knocker Casino and its parent New Allied Development Corp.
Q WHAT exactly did the sagger-maker's bottom knocker do?
As saggers were used often they were checked for damage by "knocking" the bottom of the sagger with a stick - by a sagger maker's bottom knocker.
Q HOW did the Derbyshire railway line The Clog and Knocker get its name?