References in classic literature ?
He could knock you off forty Latin verses in an hour.
They are not very big but the venom they hold is eight times stronger than a rattlesnake and it can knock you off your feet.
They wear trendy rock clothes, make all the right guitar poses and have a big enough sound to knock you off your bar stool.
With 6 inches of water there could be enough force, or slipperiness, to knock you off your feet," said Swiftwater Capt.
A computer firewall works on the same principle, standing between the system and attackers, holding the line against intruders who would probe your ports, take over your system, launch attacks to knock you off line, crash your computer, mail spam through your machine, infect your system, and more.
We don't really talk about rankings except to say to the girls: `We're a marked team now,' and `If a team can knock you off, it makes their season,' '' Ward said.