knock your/their/our heads together

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knock (people's) heads together

To forcefully make two or more people act, behave, or think in way that is appropriate or necessary. We're so far behind because your team keeps procrastinating. You need to go in there and knock their heads together. She claimed she would go into the negotiations and knock everyone's heads together until a deal was reached.
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knock your/their/our heads together

To scold two or more people harshly. If you two do something this stupid again, I'm going to knock your heads together!
See also: head, knock, together

knock people's heads together


bang people's heads together

If you knock people's heads together or bang their heads together, you forcefully make them stop arguing. If he's unable to knock everybody's heads together, then questions are going to be raised about his own ability to continue in office. The idea is to bang their heads together until they come out with a sensible deal. Note: You can also say that someone bangs heads together or knocks heads together. Chris Smith said he would bang heads together.
See also: head, knock, together

bang/knock your/their ˈheads together

(informal) force people to stop arguing and behave in a sensible way: I’d like to bang those stupid politicians’ heads together.
See also: bang, head, knock, together
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It's time for both sides to knock their heads together and sort this mess out.
"We have probably just got to knock their heads together. Fab has tried, believe me.
If results in Europe this week have not stiffened the resolved of SPL chairmen to sit round the table and knock their heads together on the best way forward for their operation, nothing will.
Either Amiss should knock their heads together or remove either or both.
ALL GOING WRONG: Hasselbaink (left) and Darren Bent show their frustration' KNOCK THEIR HEADS TOGETHER: Dowie has to stop his players rowing
And politics led some Labour MPs to meet the two men and "knock their heads together".
So if you see Gregg and Kenwright anywhere near each other on Sunday knock their heads together .
We could be doing with someone with Crozier's backbone to get in there and knock their heads together.
"Young people need a place they can come to from all over the country, or even the world, and knock their heads together," Rozanne maintains.
He said: "Janos showed why we need him and I hope the two clubs can knock their heads together. It's also very important for me to know what's going on because at the moment our next league game against Kilmarnock will also be his last."
For about 18 months, the statistics of the nation's two biggest building societies have been seriously at odds - so seriously the Bank of England says it wants to knock their heads together and find out why.
I was ready to knock their heads together. I wanted to know what sort of fools they were for getting into a stupid fight.
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