knock (one's) block off

(redirected from knock their block off)

knock (one's) block off

To strike someone with great force, usually in the head. If you insult me like that again, I'll knock your block off!
See also: block, knock, off

knock someone's block off

Sl. to hit someone hard in the head. Wilbur almost knocked Tom's block off by accident. He threatened to knock my block off if I didn't do as I was told.
See also: block, knock, off

I’ll knock your ˈblock/ˈhead off!

(British English, spoken) used to threaten somebody that you will hit them
See also: block, head, knock
References in classic literature ?
If I wanted to see him, it would be advisable to lose no time in paying my contemplated visit.
This time, if it ever come, may come quickly and unexpectedly, and in such case you must lose no time in using your opportunity.
I've noted down the amount of the taxed costs and damages for which the ca-sa was issued, and we had better settle at once and lose no time.
I must go," he said earnestly, "please to open the door, and let us lose no time.
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