knock spots off

knock (the) spots off (someone or something)

To completely outclass, outdo, or outperform someone or something; to soundly defeat or best someone or something. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Wow, this coffee knocks the spots off the stuff we get back home. Catherine knocked spots off the other kids in the spelling bee.
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knock spots off

easily outdo. informal
This expression may refer to shooting out the pips (spots) on a playing card in a pistol-shooting competition. Although it is now found chiefly in British English, the phrase originated in America.
1997 Spectator [ Walter Laut Palmer's ] ‘Morning in Venice’ is a tour-de-force…It knocks spots off the neighbouring, deeply unattractive, Monet of a gondola.
See also: knock, off, spot
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knock ˈspots off somebody/something

(British English, informal) be very much better than somebody/something else: This book knocks spots of all the other books on Napoleon.You’ll knock spots off her. You’re a much better player.
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"When they went to Hampshire they rode along the Basingstoke bypass - the Eastern Promenade at Porthcawl can knock spots off Basingstoke any day of the week!
by PATRICK LION A FORMULA E driver tries to knock spots off a cheetah in a race - but only wins by a whisker Jean-Eric Vergne, 27, took on the world's fastest land mammal in his electric car to highlight the threat of climate change to animals.
Malcolm Place: "We need cheaper flights like at Manchester or Scotland, no further away yet they knock spots off Newcastle.
"He truly is man's best friend and in my opinion will knock spots off every other dog in the competition."
Only if it can knock spots off Richard's quail ravioli and James' Welsh brie truffle toast.
And host Paddy McGuinness is a comic genius...his one-line gags knock spots off Brucie Forsyth.
CHRIS O'BRIEN'S Bootle will be hoping to knock spots off the opposition tomorrow when they visit 18th-placed Stone Dominoes.
Darren Bent is ready to knock spots off Barry Bannan by reclaiming penalty duties - despite never taking one for Aston Villa.
Challenges Ellis added: "Alex Salmond could never solve the sorts of challenges that Gordon could, yet he can knock spots off him when playing to the gallery."
They may not have been the strongest singers, but their personalities knock spots off many of the other contestants.
The 285bhp lump is the same as that in 6-Series, enabling the little hatchback to knock spots off rivals like Alfa 147 GTA, Audi A3 3.2 V6 Sport Quattro Sportback and Mercedes C320 SE Sports CoupA.
The 285bhp lump is the same as that used in the 6-Series and enables the little hatchback to knock spots off rivals such as the Alfa 147 GTA, Audi A3 3.2 V6 Sport Quattro Sportback and the Mercedes C320 SE Sports Coupe.
Young, vibrant and attractive she could knock spots off most of them and she did, regularly.
Channel bosses say the 'fruity and frothy' mix of celebrity and lifestyle features will knock spots off its rivals.
Dundee boss Jim Duffy better watch out he and the Hibs manager don't knock spots off each other
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