knock someone's socks off

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knock (one's) socks off

To thoroughly impress, overwhelm, or excite one. The show of support from everyone just knocked my socks off. That movie really knocked my socks off—I didn't expect it to be so good!
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knock someone's socks off

If something or someone knocks your socks off, you are extremely impressed by them. This movie will not knock your socks off, but it will not disappoint. The area has scenery that will knock your socks off.
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knock (or blow) someone's socks off

amaze or impress someone. informal
1991 Barbara Anderson Girls High Years ago she saw a Hockney…the few lines which sketched the owlish face knocked her socks off.
1996 Premiere Ray Liotta strikes perfect notes as Hill while Joe Pesci blows your socks off as sociopathic side-kick Tommy.
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knock someone’s socks off

tv. to surprise or startle someone; to overwhelm someone. Wow, that explosion nearly knocked my socks off.
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