knock about

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knock about

1. To jolt or jostle someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "knock" and "about." Geez, that amusement park ride really knocked us about. Don't knock that box about, it has valuables in it!
2. To strike someone violently. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "knock" and "about." You better call the cops if you think he's knocking his kids about.
3. To informally discuss something, typically a plan or idea. We've been knocking about the possibility of moving to Portland, but it's still just an idea. I want to call a meeting where we can all knock about ideas without any limitations, and see what we can come up with.
4. To travel or move around an area casually or with frequent relocations. I was an army brat, so my family knocked about Europe throughout my childhood. The band has been knocking about in the Southwest for months, but the tour will take them to the coast soon.
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knock someone or something about

 and knock someone or something around 
1. to jostle someone or something. The bumpy road was knocking everyone in the truck about. The bumpy road knocked the old truck around a lot. Don't knock the grocery bags around. You'll break the eggs.
2. to strike someone or something; to beat on someone or something. Max knocked his brother about. Stop knocking me around.
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knock about (somewhere)

to travel around; to act as a vagabond. I'd like to take off a year and knock about Europe. If you're going to knock about, you should do it when you're young.
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knock about

Also, knock around.
1. Be rough or brutal with, maltreat, as in He was known to knock his wife about on a regular basis. [c. 1800]
2. Wander from place to place, as in They were knocking around Europe all summer. [Colloquial; c. 1830]
3. Discuss or consider, as in They met to knock about some new ideas. [Mid-1900s] Also see kick around.
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