knock (someone or something) on the head

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knock (someone or something) on the head

1. Literally, to bump or strike someone on the head, either accidentally or intentionally. That book knocked me on the head when it fell off the shelf. Quit messing with me or I'll knock you on the head!
2. To promptly prevent something, especially an idea, suggestion, or plan, from being developed, proliferated, or carried out. Primarily heard in UK. We need to knock this notion of forming a union on the head before it gets too far. He's been trying to knock the rumours on the head, but by now nearly everyone has heard them.
3. To stop (doing) an activity or behavior. Primarily heard in UK. You need to knock that smoking on the head before the baby arrives. I briefly got into computer programming, but I knocked it on the head when things got more complicated.
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knock something on the head

1. If you knock a story or idea on the head, you show that it is not true or correct. It's time to knock on the head the idea that we are not living a full life unless we have that special somebody in our lives. This is another fallacy that needs to be knocked on the head, the idea that women never went out to work till the First World War.
2. If you knock an activity on the head, you stop doing it, or decide not to do it. We'll never be like The Rolling Stones. When we stop enjoying ourselves, we'll knock it on the head.
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knock someone or something on the head

decisively prevent an idea, plan, or proposal from being held or developed. British informal
The image in this phrase is of stunning or killing a person or an animal by a blow to their head.
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knock something on the ˈhead

(British English, informal) stop doing something; stop something from happening: By lunchtime we were all exhausted so we knocked it on the head.The increase in airfares has knocked our plan to travel this year on the head.
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