knock into

knock into (someone or something)

1. To bump or collide into someone or something. Someone knocked into me on the train, causing me to spill my coffee. The crate wasn't strapped down in the back of the van, and it knocked into the other packages as it slid back and forth.
2. To bump or strike someone or something with something. The woman kept knocking her bag into other passengers as she made her way down the aisle. Please stop knocking your feet into the table like that.
3. To strike or bump into someone or something, causing them or it to collide with someone or something else. The player ran into the catcher, knocking him into the umpire. He stumbled through the house in the dark and accidentally knocked a bookshelf into the wall.
4. To strike or bump into someone or something, causing them or it to enter something. The defender accidentally knocked the ball into his own goal. The boy knocked another child into the pool as he ran past.
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knock someone into something

to strike one, sending one into something. The blow knocked him into the wall. Max knocked Lefty into a lamp post.
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