knock away

knock away (at something)

to continue to knock at something. The loose shutter kept knocking away at the side of the house. It knocked away all night, keeping me awake.
See also: away, knock
References in classic literature ?
One man, trying in his terror to escape the awful sight, stumbled against the coffin so heavily as to knock away one of its frail supports.
I believe it was good for him and for many others in like case, who had to learn by that loss that the soul of man cannot stand or lean upon any human prop, however strong, and wise, and good; but that He upon whom alone it can stand and lean will knock away all such props in His own wise and merciful way, until there is no ground or stay left but Himself, the Rock of Ages, upon whom alone a sure foundation for every soul of man is laid.
Sounding a bit like a treatment table nursery rhyme, his recent injuries include ligaments, ankles, knee and groin: Carroll is always one knock away from months on the sidelines and another problem with his ankle looks to have put an end to any move across London anyway.
Since there's little doubt the next wave of surgeons will help knock away the cliche of doctor disconnection, it's going to be important to consider that the incoming professionals have largely grown up without overt wariness about what they share of their lives on social media.
Queens carved out the first chance with a neat head flick from Iain Russell which Saints keeper Jamie Langfield did well to knock away before Derek Lyle lashed the loose ball into the side netting.
Goalkeeper Liam Castle managed to knock away the first but was not quick enough to keep out the second.
I have been hitting the ball and I honestly feel that I am just one knock away from getting back into the zone.
Arsenal keeper Matt Macey could only knock away Connor Hunte's driven cross and Weeks pounced on the loose ball converting with a low shot from the edge of the box.
Colonials goalie Will Shipman was up to the task, though, lunging to his left to knock away the shot with his stick for one of his 17 saves on the night.
Moyes further said that as all the games at this time of year are tight and difficult to call, all they can do is knock away and keep going strong in the title race.
A BRAVE shopkeeper grabbed a hockey stick from behind the counter and tried to knock away the gun a masked man was pointing at him, a court heard.
The question of how he keeps fit, given the pressures of the Prime Ministerial job, was one of the easiest to knock away during a Q and A at Unilever's headquarters in India.
Albert Adomah switched wings to give Pompey trouble with a dangerous centre from the left that keeper James Ashdown barely managed to knock away from the feet of Kalifa Cisse.
Still Newport were carving out chances of their own and Knight-Percival had to stretch to knock away a cross from the lively Knights before Mayebi had to be at his acrobatic best to turn away a stinging Wayne Hatswell free-kick from 30 yards.