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ginger knob

vulgar derogatory A person, typically a man, with naturally red hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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necker's knob

dated A rounded knob mounted to the steering wheel of an automobile so that it may be steered with one hand. So called because the driver (typically male) is able to place his arm around his girlfriend or wife. My grandfather gave me his old Cadillac, which still had the necker's knob on the wheel from when he first started courting my grandmother.
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with (brass) knobs on

In a much more extreme form. I've been to both, and I can tell you that Carnival is like Mardi Gras with knobs on. Your report is like my report with brass knobs on—it's 30 pages longer!
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with knobs (or brass knobs) on

and something more. British informal
1998 Pi Magazine But all this would count for zilch if the music didn't stand the test of time. But it does, with knobs on.
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with ˈknobs on

(British English, slang) used to say that something is a more complicated version of what you mention: It isn’t art — it’s just a horror movie with knobs on!
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get one’s knob polished

tv. to copulate or otherwise have sex. (Refers to a male. Usually objectionable.) Man, if you want to get your knob polished, just let me know. I got girls! I got girls you wouldn’t believe!
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necking knob

A swivel on a car's steering wheel. The necking knob enables the driver to steer with his left hand while encircling his girlfriend's shoulder with his right arm. Even when the driver was alone, the knob was an easy way to turn the car in the days before power steering.
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Knobby broke our cerebral celebration with, "What are you waiting for, boys?
Knobby took a break from supervising an outgoing group loading the turboprop float plane, and strolled over to bid us a safe trip.
Savor the charms of the Santa Susana Mountains - and the knobby sandstone rocks that gave this 4,400-acre park its name - at the east end of the Simi Valley.
Jupiter, meanwhile, conspires with King Citheron and the god Mercure to make his wife Junon jealous by pretending to marry the hideous Platte: green skin, sagging breasts, a belly, knobby, webbed fingers and toes, and all.
That skin would have felt like running your hand over a knobby mountain bike tire," says Lucas.
At Mermet Lake a cypress swamp bristles with the knobby knees of deciduous conifers.
You can start the old knobby type byplanting firm, plump tubers from the grocery store.
Knobby Clark, who has been our fly-in fishing connection out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, from the beginning of our annual odysseys, said, "Who are you, and what have you done with Doc?
Racers usually ride road-style bikes with wide, knobby tires.
The new map shows that this section consists of knobby remnants of ancient highland crust that stick out above a lava flow.
From second grade through 12th, Timmy Lassiter and I walked to school on the knobby, rooted paths of the woods--and the Wolverine Warriors knew those paths better than any of the other neighborhood kids.
The week reserved each and every year since the beginning of time for our group of six to fly out of Knobby Clark's in Sioux Lookout, and into the fishing paradise that is the Northwest Ontario Bush.
He built motorcycles with balloon-like knobby tires that could traverse mountains and streams, and he used cutting edge Indy-style race car suspension systems in the small-scale race cars he built.
However, in 7 percent of the homes that EPRI surveyed, the hot and neutral wires took separate paths through the walls, held in place by a series of tubes and knobby insulators affixed to wall studs.
com), the selection runs from a little wooden massager on a key chain ($4) to the knobby, s-shaped Body Back Buddy ($40), which helps reach and apply deep pressure to muscles throughout the body.