knit (one's) brow(s)

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knit (one's) brow(s)

To furrow one's brow, often due to worry or confusion. Whenever there was a problem, my dad would sit in his favorite chair, knit his brow for a while, and then announce that he had a plan. When I asked Bill about what happened, and he knit his brows, I knew I was about to hear some bad news.
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knit one's brow

to cause one's brow to wrinkle. Bob knitted his brow when he was confused. Jane knitted her brow because she was angry.
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knit your ˈbrows

frown (= move your eyebrows together), to show that you are thinking hard, feeling angry, etc: She knitted her brows, trying to think how she could have spent so much money in one week.
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References in classic literature ?
Dunster lay for a time with knitted brows. Once more the name of Fentolin seemed somehow familiar to him, seemed somehow to bring with it to his memory a note of warning.
Again the man upon the bed lay quite still, with knitted brows. There was surely something familiar about that name.
"I imagine," the Prince said, with knitted brows, "that it will not be wise to keep it from her.
The wounded, bandaged with rags, with pale cheeks, compressed lips, and knitted brows, held on to the sides of the carts as they were jolted against one another.
Both resorted to the drinking-table without stint, but each in a different way; the lion for the most part reclining with his hands in his waistband, looking at the fire, or occasionally flirting with some lighter document; the jackal, with knitted brows and intent face, so deep in his task, that his eyes did not even follow the hand he stretched out for his glass--which often groped about, for a minute or more, before it found the glass for his lips.
He looked across the lawn into the pine grove with steadfast eyes and knitted brows, and Da Souza watched him, ghastly and nervous.
Catherine reflected an instant, with knitted brows - she found it needful to smooth the way for an intrusion.
Barbicane, with clenched teeth, knitted brows, and hands clasped convulsively, was watching through the window.
When the reading was finished, he remained silent, with knitted brows.
He opened his mouth to speak further, then closed it and for five minutes thought with knitted brows.
There was another guest, who sat, booted and spurred, at some distance from the fire also, and whose thoughts--to judge from his folded arms and knitted brows, and from the untasted liquor before him--were occupied with other matters than the topics under discussion or the persons who discussed them.
'Will you please tell me,' said Rosa, taking the paper with a prettily knitted brow, but not opening it: 'whether I am right in what I am going to say?
Rosa, with her perplexed face and knitted brow, bit the corner of her attested copy, as she sat with her head on one side, looking abstractedly on the floor, and smoothing it with her foot.
A rather stooping man, with a knitted brow, a pondering expression of face, and a hard-looking head sufficiently capacious, on which his iron-grey hair lay long and thin, Old Stephen might have passed for a particularly intelligent man in his condition.
"She is very pretty!" she said with the same knitted brow and in the same uncivil manner.