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knit (one's) brow(s)

To furrow one's brow, often due to worry or confusion. Whenever there was a problem, my dad would sit in his favorite chair, knit his brow for a while, and then announce that he had a plan. When I asked Bill about what happened, and he knit his brows, I knew I was about to hear some bad news.
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knit (one's) eyebrows

To furrow one's brow, often due to worry or confusion. When I asked Bill about what happened, and he knit his eyebrows, I knew I was about to hear some bad news.
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knit together

1. Literally, to join or connect pieces of fabric by knitting them together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "knit" and "together." How long will it take you to knit these squares of the quilt together?
2. To fuse together. This meaning is typically used to describe the healing of broken bones. Based on your latest X-ray, the bones in your arm have knit together nicely.
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knit up

To produce something by knitting, often with little effort. A noun or pronoun can be used between "knit" and "up." Can you believe Grandma just knitted up this sweater for me? It would take me weeks to make something like this!
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knit one's brow

to cause one's brow to wrinkle. Bob knitted his brow when he was confused. Jane knitted her brow because she was angry.
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knit something together

to join things together by knitting. Terry knitted the parts of the sweater together. Sally knitted together the two parts of the glove.
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knit together

[for broken bones] to join or grow together. The bones are knitting together exactly as expected. If the bones don't knit together properly, we will have to do something a little more drastic.
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knit your ˈbrows

frown (= move your eyebrows together), to show that you are thinking hard, feeling angry, etc: She knitted her brows, trying to think how she could have spent so much money in one week.
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knit together

1. To join some pieces of material by knitting: It's easier to knit each part of the sweater separately and then knit them together. After adding the fringe, knit together the two sections of the blanket.
2. To become fused together. Used of broken bones that are healing: If the doctor sets the two pieces of bone just right, they should knit together in three weeks.
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knit up

To create something by knitting, especially quickly or easily: I knitted up some mittens for my grandchildren. I knitted some hats up for the church sale.
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Knit fabrics can be described as light-, medium- and heavyweight, but they're also described by the amounts of stretch.
Knowing the fiber content is essential for combining yarns, because different fibers wash differently and may knit differently.
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I then asked whoever was invigilating at my exhibition at Eastside Projects to ask whoever came into the gallery if they could knit. And if they could, would they knit a stitch, or a row, or maybe a whole square.
The reason why 1 x 1 rib has high stitch density is that it has only knit structure and is similar to plain knit.
Olivia Palermo has created the perfect autumnal look with this gorgeous mustard cable knit sweater and burgundy skinny tuxedo trousers.
Not just reserved for eveningwear, pick out a luxurious knit in an opulent shade of amethyst, ruby, sapphire or emerald, or even bright citruses.
She thinks they will come back into the fold, though, especially with men's heritage knitwear - Fair Isle sweaters, cable knit jumpers and chunky cardigans - now fashionable.
Blue knit wool dress, pounds 25, Apricot, 3.
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"Softness and touchability are an overriding influence for the coming season, with texture in cashmere, wool and especially cable knit patterns featuring in all areas of soft furnishings for the home," confirms Kate Mooney, founder of Occa-Home.
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Mary's mother arranges for her to learn to knit and she becomes part of a knitting circle.
The last few years have seen record-breaking yarn sales, a burst of knitting-inspired blogs and Web sites, a TV show called Knitty Gritty, and several new fiction books ("knit lit") that have as their premise the friendships formed in knitting circles.