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at gunpoint

Also, at knifepoint. Under coercion, as in I'm going to hold him at gunpoint for that raise he promised me last year. Both these phrases were at first used literally and later also figuratively. [Mid-1900s]

at ˈknifepoint

while being threatened, or threatening somebody, with a knife: She was attacked at knifepoint.
See also: knifepoint

at gunpoint

Under or as if under the threat of being shot.

at knifepoint

Under threat of being stabbed or cut with a knife: was mugged at knifepoint.
See also: knifepoint
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The raped woman claimed to me that the 24-year-old suspect raped her at knifepoint while the dead man took her friend to other bed .
Since 2014, Cleveland Police has investigated almost as many knifepoint rapes as it did in the seven years previously.
The High Criminal Court yesterday convicted the 25-year-old of theft and assault for the second raid, in which he tied up a female colleague at knifepoint and stole a further BD3,200.
She told me that a man barged into her room and raped her at knifepoint.
He then took the victim inside her house at knifepoint and raped her.
A 24-year-old man was threatened at knifepoint and forced to hand over his wallet after two men led him from the Bigg Market, in Newcastle, to Pudding Chare at around 12.
It comes after a 44-year-old woman was held for several hours at knifepoint and raped in woodland while jogging with her pet dog in Handbridge, Cheshire last week.
DC Kim Savage, from Birmingham CID, said: "This was a particularly nasty preplanned robbery, where Pigott made the conscious decision not to go home with the bus fare he already had, but instead to rob a taxi driver at knifepoint.
It is alleged he went to the woman's bedroom the following morning, woke her up at knifepoint and ordered her to go outside with him.
After she got into the back of the vehicle the man produced a knife and raped her at knifepoint.
A MASKED gang escaped with more than pounds 100,000 after robbing a security van at knifepoint.
A carjacker who stole a taxi at knifepoint and then drove off a 120ft cliff to his death has been named by police.
They include business owner Eugene Hill, who was making a pizza delivery when he was kidnapped at knifepoint and beaten, until he drew his gun and killed one of his attackers; business owner Dean El-Joubeily, who stopped a robbery just by showing the robber his gun and who then stopped the robber's escape by shooting out one of the robber's car's tires; Dr.
He forced the victim into his vehicle (a red Honda Civic) at knifepoint around 6:00 p.
A BUNGLING yob robbed a bus driver at knifepoint - but forgot to put a mask over his face until halfway through the crime.