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at gunpoint

Also, at knifepoint. Under coercion, as in I'm going to hold him at gunpoint for that raise he promised me last year. Both these phrases were at first used literally and later also figuratively. [Mid-1900s]

at ˈknifepoint

while being threatened, or threatening somebody, with a knife: She was attacked at knifepoint.
See also: knifepoint

at gunpoint

Under or as if under the threat of being shot.

at knifepoint

Under threat of being stabbed or cut with a knife: was mugged at knifepoint.
See also: knifepoint
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This man told us that he had been the victim of a knifepoint robbery and we therefore took the report extremely seriously.
Kent broke into a woman's home in Leominster on June 23, 2005, and at knifepoint raped her.
The suspect was identified as Hiroya Nozaki, of Okayama, who surrendered after holding Sawako Oka, 61, at knifepoint and keeping police officers at bay from around 5:35 p.
A gay man found naked along a California highway told sheriff's officers on February 11 that he had been abducted at knifepoint, bound, gagged, and sexually assaulted.
RON DAVIES went for a second walk in a park with the man who later robbed him at knifepoint.
A 72-YEAR-OLD paedophile who filmed himself molesting two young children, after forcing them to strip at knifepoint, has had his jail sentence more than halved.
POLICE are hunting a robber who threatened staff at knifepoint at an East Cleveland convenience store.
A WOMAN held at knifepoint had sex with a man moments after he murdered her partner, a trial heard yesterday.
A MERSEYSIDE man appeared in court over the knifepoint robbery of a lorry driver.
Summary: A farm worker has been sentenced to life in prison as he was found guilty of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a boy aged 12, at knifepoint in his room in Al Rashidiya.
In January, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of trespassing into the maid's residence and raping her at knifepoint.
Samuel Alausa, who has been jailed for seven years, tied the guard to a chair and threatened him at knifepoint before robbing the frightened man of his mobile telephones.
A MAN who dragged an 11-year-old boy off the streets at knifepoint as he was trick-or-treating has admitted rape and kidnap.
He told police that he had been robbed at knifepoint but has been fined for wasting police time after admitting lying.
EVERTON footballer Phil Jagielka has described the night last September when he was robbed at knifepoint in his home as the most frightening experience of his life.