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You know that wonderful Indian knife that the twins have been making such a to-do about?
Then he turned, picked up Won-tolla's trail where he had left it, settled himself in a tree with an outrunning branch some eight feet from the ground, and sat still, sharpening his knife on the sole of his foot and singing to himself.
His wife tells us that the knife had lain upon the dressing-table, and that he had picked it up as he left the room.
He had absently taken up the knife a second time, and again Rogojin snatched it from his hand, and threw it down on the table.
The fellow pitted against Juag was a veritable giant; he was hack-ing and hewing away at the poor slave with a villainous-looking knife that might have been designed for butch-ering mastodons.
If you don't get us on our way by tomorrow you'll never have another chance to lie, for I heard two of the men saying that they'd like to run a knife into you and that if you kept them in this hole any longer they'd do it.
My name was called in a low voice, and a man stepped out beside me as I halted with raised knife.
Her voice was soft and musical--Tarzan could scarce realize that its possessor in a moment more would be transformed by the fanatical ecstasy of religious zeal into a wild-eyed and bloodthirsty executioner, who, with dripping knife, would be the first to drink her victim's red, warm blood from the little golden cup that stood upon the altar.
The fetish man waved his hands and drew a step nearer to Trent, his knife outstretched.
Two turnkeys, an inspector, and three or four guards, made their appearance all at once, and found Cornelius still using the stick, with the knife under his foot.
Gogoomy have long knife one hand, and Kwaque's head in other hand.
And then she drew out a knife, the blade of which shone so that it was quite dreadful to behold.
He took from his tail-pocket a long horn-hilted knife with a red smear on it, and handed it politely to the sergeant.
There was only one galley knife that, as a knife, amounted to anything.
Anna answered a few words, but not foreseeing any entertainment from the conversation, she asked Annushka to get a lamp, hooked it onto the arm of her seat, and took from her bag a paper knife and an English novel.