know (someone or something) by sight

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know (someone or something) by sight

To recognize someone or something based on its or their appearance, but without knowing its or their name or any other information. Everyone in town knows the iconic bridge by sight, but few know the history of when it was built and why it was designed to look so peculiar. Even after working there for a year, there were still some co-workers whom I only knew by sight.
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know someone by sight

to recognize a person's face, but not know the name. I'm afraid I don't know her by sight. I know all my employees by sight.
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know by sight

Recognize someone or something by appearance but not know the name or other details. For example, I know a lot of people by sight from the tennis courts. [1200s]
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know somebody by ˈsight

recognize somebody and know who they are, without having spoken to them: I haven’t actually met Dr. Galston, but I know him by sight of course.
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One neighbour Mark Reynolds, 50, a retired nurse, said: "My wife knew them by sight and used to say 'hello', ' when they passed.
The father was a bit of a loner and I knew them by sight but they kept themselves to them- selves.