know better

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know better

To be aware or capable of better or smarter behavior than one has demonstrated. You know better than to talk to strangers! What were you thinking? You know better than to try to question that professor—he doesn't care what we have to say.
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know better (than to do something)

to be wise enough, experienced enough, or well trained enough not to have done something wrong. Mary should have known better than to accept a lift from a stranger. Children should know better than to play in the road.
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know better

Be able to recognize something as wrong or not possible, as in Mary should know better than to leave her child alone in the house, or Try to get in without a ticket? You know better than that. [c. 1700]
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know better than

be wise, well-informed, or well-mannered enough to avoid doing something specified.
1989 Anne Fine Goggle-Eyes Inspector McGee knows better than to tangle with Beth's granny.
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know ˈbetter (than that/than to do something)

be sensible enough not to do something: You left the car unlocked? I thought you’d know better.He knows better than to judge by appearances.
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References in classic literature ?
This officer was a wise man; he knew better than to tell an incredible truth.
The locksmith's wife knew better perhaps, than he, what ailed her daughter.
The smoke curled up toward the sun and shadowed the plain so that the stupid birds thought it was going to rain; but the wise one knew better.
He sat at the table and had a napkin and plate, but the servants knew better than to offer him food.
Frankly, that is so true, of course they knew better, and still do!
The child-killer claimed she was more "culpable" because she knew better and "knew the difference between right and wrong".
The knowledgeable clerk quickly recommended a competitors board but the young Omar already knew better and pointed to an AWS Believe model.
Written by award-winning author Virginia Kroll and illustrated by Xiaojun Ji, Selvakumar Knew Better is the true story of a boy who survived a devastating tsunami with the aid of his faithful dog, Selvakumar.
I knew better what my body should look like than they did.
Mr Prescott, not for the first time, knew better. He knew better than locally elected representatives.
An arch-critic of command economies who was hounded out of Europe in the '30s by the Nazis, he knew better than anyone that free markets give rise not only to lower prices but to all manner of powerful social change.
While some argued that Wilson preached to a choir of self-congratulatory art world impresarios who surely knew better than to champion whitewashed narratives of art, or to revel in the power of institutions apart from that bestowed in inverse relation to the sanctimoniousness of their critique, Wilson's work nevertheless raised discomfiting questions about the subjects of art and those for whom it presumably speaks.
Th' ooanly trouble is 'e met a widow who knew better still!"
He added, "When we knew better about Doug's life and motivations we felt very touched with his sufferings and sensibility and how he loved our country and committed himself to help the Cuban people at the end of his life."
While liberal Western historians and journalists swallowed the Communist propaganda, the Catholic and Orthodox church communities knew better. In Canada, for example, faithful of both the Eastern-rite Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church have commemorated their national holocaust every year for decades.