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Presently she slipped from his knee and began to toddle about, but with a pretty stagger that made Silas jump up and follow her lest she should fall against anything that would hurt her.
Now, my father, the track below separated, because of a boulder, and there were two little paths which led to the platform of the Witch's knees with, perhaps, ten paces between them.
He therefore went on his knees also and hung from the trap with both hands.
And thou, highest perfection of excellence that can be desired, utmost limit of grace in human shape, sole relief of this afflicted heart that adores thee, though the malign enchanter that persecutes me has brought clouds and cataracts on my eyes, and to them, and them only, transformed thy unparagoned beauty and changed thy features into those of a poor peasant girl, if so be he has not at the same time changed mine into those of some monster to render them loathsome in thy sight, refuse not to look upon me with tenderness and love; seeing in this submission that I make on my knees to thy transformed beauty the humility with which my soul adores thee.
Then, as she had done the evening before, she fell on her knees and repeated her prayers aloud.
Morrel seized their hands, and opening the door exclaimed in a voice choked with sobs, "On your knees -- on your knees -- he is our benefactor -- the saviour of our father
Never mind him, but go up to my mother, and lay your hands upon her knees if you would get home quickly.
Then, lay down thy head speedily upon my knees, that thou mayst get thee hence before the hour be past.
They had shining buckles at the knees of their small-clothes, and buckles likewise in their shoes.
Poyser was leaning forward, with his elbows on his knees, his head on one side, and his mouth screwed up--apparently absorbed in making the tips of his fingers meet so as to represent with perfect accuracy the ribs of a ship.
The Warden, a tall dignified man with a grave but very pleasant face, was seated before a writing-table, which was covered with papers, and holding on his knee one of the sweetest and loveliest little maidens it has ever been my lot to see.
De Wardes tottered, his knees gave way beneath him, and leaving his sword still fixed in the duke's arm, he fell into the water, which was soon crimsoned with a more genuine reflection than that which it had borrowed from the clouds.
Suddenly he felt his knees give way; his knees seemed powerless, his legs to yield beneath him.
Of this little boy, who, in the midst of his play while I undressed him, had suddenly buried his head on my knees.
Behind them, at the gee-pole, came Daylight, hidden to the knees by the swirling frost through which he appeared to wade.