knee-deep in

knee-deep in (something)

1. Literally, in or amongst something that reaches up to one's knees. Emergency crews were knee-deep in water as they tried to repair the burst water main. We emerged from the forest and found ourselves knee-deep in a field of wildflowers.
2. Having a plentiful or excessive amount or number of something. I'm always knee-deep in tests and book reports to grade at the end of the semester. Our office has been knee-deep in clothing and toys donated by people around the city for our charity drive.
3. Mired in or overwhelmed by something very difficult or troublesome. The company is knee-deep in scandal after an undercover journalist exposed its CEO's practice of bribing politicians. We're going to end up knee-deep in debt if our next product isn't a major success.
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*knee-deep in something

1. Fig. heavily involved in something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Right now, we are knee-deep in trouble.
2. Fig. having plenty of something. (*Typically: be ~; Stand ~.) We are knee-deep in orders and loving it.
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Large portions of flood-prone areas, such as Malabon, Valenzuela and Marikina cities, were knee-deep in water, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).
Within a matter of weeks he went from being knee-deep in paperwork to being knee-deep in bat droppings in a dank Borneo cave.
We will either be wearing sandals and knee-deep in confetti or wellies and knee-deep in mud.
Much of the city is knee-deep in water, wreaking havoc on life and trade.
He said: 'We were told she was knee-deep in the mud and couldn't get out.
Part of a new pounds 130m sewerage system had failed, leaving them knee-deep in filthy water.
One strategy to keep young people in the North: Get them knee-deep in a business before they have a chance to leave.
Goldy Bear, Colorado caterer and crime-solver, is up to her old tricks--she's knee-deep in quesadillas and killers in Davidson's latest culinary mystery.
She said I am not black if I'm knee-deep in Backstreet Boys hoopla!
The president of the shell gatherers association of Bolivar stands mired knee-deep in mud, searching for those scarce shells, which are prized by local restaurateurs.
IN A WORLD THAT SEEMS TO BE AT LEAST KNEE-deep in evil and selfishness, it may be difficult to believe that we are surrounded by good people, more than a few of whom are, in fact, saints.
Rizal-Guadalupe intersection westbound and knee-deep in Edsa-Pasong Tamo tunnel in Makati City, and knee-deep in both directions of Rizal-R.
And weather experts fear we could be knee-deep in snow by the weekend.
April Reynolds's debut novel, Knee-Deep in Wonder, outlines a young woman's quest for the missing pieces that could help her demystify the puzzle of her family's history.