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Tired as I was,--exhausted, in fact,--I was prevented from sleeping by the pain in my knee.
Suddenly, as the child rolled downward on its mother's knees, all wet with snow, its eyes were caught by a bright glancing light on the white ground, and, with the ready transition of infancy, it was immediately absorbed in watching the bright living thing running towards it, yet never arriving.
In utter amazement, Silas fell on his knees and bent his head low to examine the marvel: it was a sleeping child--a round, fair thing, with soft yellow rings all over its head.
His body rocked back and forth and he seemed about to fall, but instead he dropped to his knees on the sidewalk and raised the hands of the little girl to his drunken lips.
The children got down off his knees, each secured a hand, and the happy trio set off for the Library--followed by me.
Here he rested on one knee, while the referee raced off the seconds.
His knees trembled under him, and he was sobbing from exhaustion.
And an embroidered crimson velvet coat," said Clara, laughing, "and a gold brocade waistcoat down to your knees.
But the soil was moist; on reaching the top of the bank, she slipped and fell upon her knees.
Then, lay down thy head speedily upon my knees, that thou mayst get thee hence before the hour be past.
Suddenly he felt his knees give way; his knees seemed powerless, his legs to yield beneath him.
The Persian went on his knees and put his lantern on the ground.
If I were young and in love with a man," said Mademoiselle, turning on the stool and pressing her wiry hands between her knees as she looked down at Edna, who sat on the floor holding the letter, "it seems to me he would have to be some grand esprit; a man with lofty aims and ability to reach them; one who stood high enough to attract the notice of his fellow-men.
This is my word: that we fall upon the men of Dingaan twice, once in the glade of the forest whither they will come presently, and, if we are beaten back, then we must stand for the last time on the knees of the Witch in front of the cave where Nada is.
On your knees, every rascal of you, and salute the king