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get the knack of

To learn how to do something competently or well after a certain period of practice or development. Wow, you're really getting the knack of playing piano! I've been seeing a tutor to help me with my math homework, and I think I'm starting to get the knack of it.
See also: get, knack, of

have (got) a knack for (something)

To be exceptionally proficient at (doing) something. I don't know what it is, but David just has a knack for getting under my skin. Jenny's got a real knack for the piano.
See also: have, knack


A trinket or bauble, typically one that is small and ornamental. I loved visiting my grandmother when I was a child and examining all the various knick-knacks she'd collected around the house.
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When it comes to the graphics, there are a number of modes at Knack 2's disposal if you are a PS4 Pro owner.
Picking up where the first game left off (if you managed to stick with it to the end), Knack II finds the city of Newhaven under attack by an ancient robot goblin army which has been stirred from its slumber.
The Knack were more than willing to experiment with different genres and turn their own musical influences into a distinct sound that would be quickly identifiable with them.
Knack noted that the absence of sexual information among victims and offenders when they were children played a part in the abuse.
These two Knack albums from 1979 and 1980 are combined on one CD.
Clinton could soon develop this knack but insists he will remain an amateur for the next year at least.
This speaks to his teaching skills, his ability to recognize and motivate emerging talent, and his knack for getting young dancers to "focus on the work.
That knack may require that hummingbirds have parts of what's called episodic memory, says T.
Lencioni does have a knack for creating personable characters that readers can empathize with to lead them through the story.
The author has established a knack for writing solidly developed characters--a staid story line with an occasional mix of ghetto humor.
Clive Owen has a knack for playing the sort of men audiences find so attractive--detached, charming, dangerous lads who look at home in a tux and a six o'clock shadow.
Cathy Pearson is a gifted story teller with a definite knack for mystery fiction.
He has the knack for adding just enough words to make the screenplay expand beyond its visual format and into the imagination of the reader that a novel requires.
But no: It's just that Sternfeld has a knack for homing in on improbable situations, and his lucid, hieratic style, which suggests the gaze of an omniscient narrator, heightens the pictures' resemblance to fiction.