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fatten the kitty

In betting, to put more money into the pool (which is known as a "kitty"). Come on, guys, put in your money so we can fatten the kitty and get on with this hand!
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feed the kitty

To give money to a collection or pool. (A "kitty" is such a collection of money.) Once everyone has fed the kitty, I'll deal the next hand.
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In a diagonal position from, especially outward from the corner of a square. A variant of the more technical term "cater-corner," with "cater" meaning "to set or move diagonally." Primarily heard in US. Thankfully the daycare is kitty-corner to my office, so dropping the kids off in the morning is really easy.


In a diagonal position from, especially outward from the corner of a square. A variant of the more technical term "cater-corner," with "cater" meaning "to set or move diagonally." Primarily heard in UK. Thankfully there's a crèche kitty-cornered to my office, so dropping the kids off in the morning is really easy.

scoop the kitty

To win all, most, or the most coveted of the available awards or rewards in some competition. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The film scooped the kitty at the awards ceremony last night, winning the three top prizes for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Among online retailers, the new company clearly scooped the kitty this year, capturing an incredible 70% of the market.
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sweeten (up) the kitty

To make something more enticing, alluring, or attractive, especially from a financial perspective. He was still unsure whether he wanted the job, so the company offered to sweeten the kitty with an excellent pension plan. Don't be afraid to sweeten the kitty with a little bit of pocket money if your kids are really unwilling to do chores.
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feed the kitty

Fig. to contribute money. (A kitty here is a small collection of money.) Please feed the kitty. Make a contribution to help sick children. Come on, Bill. Feed the kitty. You can afford a dollar for a good cause.
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feed the kitty

Contribute money to a pool or reserve, as in I can't make a big donation this year, but I'm willing to feed the kitty something. This term, originating in gambling, incorporates a pun, since kitty can mean "cat" as well as "pool." [Late 1800s]
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sweeten the kitty

Also, sweeten the pot or deal . Make something financially more attractive, as in I am unable to give you the new title but I could sweeten the kitty a little by giving you a raise . This idiom comes from card games such as poker, where it means "add money to the pool," and uses sweeten in the sense of "make more agreeable." [Slang; c. 1900]
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