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In closing, if you really want to succeed with single women in the love and romance department, you must be a good kisser.
I would kiss someone who had the reputation as being a good kisser because I might learn another way of doing it.
The minced beef-and-onion fan is described as "quietly confident, a great kisser and believes variety is the spice of life".
The minced beef and onion fan is described as 'quietly confident, a great kisser and believes variety is the spice of life'.
Robin told me: "Christian is a great kisser, I'd give him nine out of 10.
The idea that there is a manual on kissing,and if you follow steps one to seven you will be a good kisser,I think is leading people up the garden path,'' says DeniseRobertson,author and agony aunt on TV's This Morning.
The survey, among 2,000 men and women across Britain, also discovered nine out of 10 would refuse to date someone if they were a bad kisser, while one in three would save kissing until the second date.
The survey revealed that Australian, Canadian and American men think they are the best kissers.
I've always said that pipers are the best kissers because they have the best lips,'' Boyd said.
Both are great kissers - Daniel is very passionate and Mackenzie is very tender.
Kissers using the machine are rewarded with a slight electric shock when they touch lips.
Sloppy kissers are seen as inexperienced and over-eager, aggressive kissers are likely to be selfish lovers, while those who avoid using their tongue will be shy and intimate in bed.
Those questioned thought sloppy kissers were inexperienced and over-eager, aggressive ones would be selfish lovers.
The 56-year-old then went on to tell Leno who was the best kisser out of all of her co-stars.