kiss (someone or something) goodbye

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kiss (someone or something) goodbye

1. Literally, to give one a kiss when parting. Hold up, come kiss your mother goodbye before you leave!
2. To lose or end something, especially suddenly; to be forced to accept such a loss or end. You were caught drinking on school property? Well, you can kiss your brand new car goodbye, mister! After my horse lost in the final race, I kissed all the money I'd won that day at the track goodbye. You do realize that you'll be kissing all your benefits goodbye if you decide to work as a freelancer, right?
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kiss something good-bye

to anticipate or experience the loss of something. If you leave your camera on a park bench, you can kiss it good-bye. You kissed your wallet good-bye when you left it in the store.
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kiss good-bye

Be forced to regard as lost, ruined, or hopeless, as in Now that both kids are sick, we'll have to kiss our vacation in Florida good-bye. This usage ironically alludes to a genuine good-bye kiss. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see kiss off, def. 2.
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kiss something goodbye (or kiss goodbye to something)

accept the certain loss of something. informal
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kiss something good-bye

tv. to face and accept the loss of something. Well, you can kiss that 100 bucks good-bye.
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kiss goodbye

Informal To be forced to regard as lost, ruined, or hopeless: She can kiss her vacation plans goodbye.
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Some kissed him goodbye, and some told his family how wonderful and brave he had been, and that they'd never forget him," the source said.
Ben battled for life in hospital but died moments after his family arrived and kissed him goodbye.
Singer Michael Jackson joined thousands of fans at the funeral of soul legend James Brown yesterday - and KISSED him goodbye.
PETE CARRIL, on how tough it was recruiting in the Ivy League: "Whenever we asked a kid how he did in a game and he said, 23 points and nine boards, we began crying and kissed him goodbye forever.
His mother, Michelle, 41, dropped him off near his school last Thursday and kissed him goodbye, not knowing she would never see him alive again.
His wife and children were at his bedside and kissed him goodbye shortly before he died.
Charlotte Gilbert said her husband Ian (right), aged 25, was in a 'perfect' state of mind when she kissed him goodbye a week ago as he left for the trip to Ostend.
David's girlfriend Lorraine McBride, 26, who is nearly five months pregnant, sobbed: "I wish I'd kissed him goodbye before he left.
Also, did he know my four sons and myself were with him and that we all kissed him goodbye and told him we loved him.
On the morning of the bombings, she kissed him goodbye and headed to work excited about the trip to Paris they had planned for the weekend.
On the morning of the bombings, she kissed him goodbye and headed to work, excited about the weekend trip to Paris they had planned.
A MOTHER whose soldier son was shot dead by a mugger sobbed as she told how she kissed him goodbye in the hospital morgue.
Then I kissed him goodbye at the front door and told him to take care of himself.
She told me, 'I wish I'd kissed him goodbye before he left'.
Last month the pair enjoyed a cosy lunch before Diana reportedly kissed him goodbye as they said a lingering farewell outside.