kiss goodbye to (someone or something)

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kiss goodbye to (someone or something)

1. Literally, to give one a kiss when parting. Hold up, come kiss goodbye to your mother before you leave!
2. To lose or end something, especially suddenly; to be forced to accept such a loss or end. You were caught drinking on school property? Well, you can kiss goodbye to your brand new car, mister! After my horse lost the final race, I kissed goodbye to all the money I'd won that day at the track. You do realize that you'll be kissing goodbye to all the benefits the company has to offer if you decide to work as a freelancer?
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kiss something good-bye

to anticipate or experience the loss of something. If you leave your camera on a park bench, you can kiss it good-bye. You kissed your wallet good-bye when you left it in the store.
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kiss good-bye

Be forced to regard as lost, ruined, or hopeless, as in Now that both kids are sick, we'll have to kiss our vacation in Florida good-bye. This usage ironically alludes to a genuine good-bye kiss. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see kiss off, def. 2.
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kiss goodbye to something


say goodbye to something

COMMON If you have to kiss goodbye to or say goodbye to something good, you have to accept the fact that you will stop having it or will never have it After my injury, I felt sure I'd have to kiss goodbye to my dancing career. If he loses this match, he can say goodbye to his dreams of being world champion.
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kiss/say goodˈbye to something


kiss something goodˈbye

(informal) give up hope of getting something that you want very much: You’ll have to say goodbye to your chances of becoming a doctor if you don’t pass the exams.After this letter from the bank, we can kiss goodbye to our trip to Australia.
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He kissed goodbye to a potential cash-andshares award of PS374,000 after the group warned that profits for 2014 would be half the PS732million analysts were expecting.
l b ft He kissed goodbye to a potential cash-and-shares award of PS374,000 after the group warned that profits for 2014 would be half the PS732million analysts were expecting.
US VERSUS THE ROBOTS This poem was sent in by M Twohig, from Bordesley Village (The past) I kissed goodbye to jobs before Knowing soon there'd be some more, I said goodbye and not felt sore As many contracts I'd ignore.
Corrie bad boy John Michie kissed goodbye to his time on the Street with a warm embrace from co-star Kym Lomas.
Summary: Chelsea kissed goodbye to their chances of securing fourth spot in the Premier League Tuesday when they lost 4-1 to Liverpool at Anfield.
SNOOKER: Ken Doherty kissed goodbye to the World Championship as Mark Selby charged through to the second round.
I think they have just kissed goodbye to one of the best.
Pint-sized Wales striker Robert Earnshaw has kissed goodbye to his trademark goofy grin (inset) by getting a set of braces fixed on his teeth to give him a perfect smile.
If we hadn't had help from Business Link to get the right advice we would have kissed goodbye to an estimated pounds 50,000.
PORT VALE kissed goodbye to a pounds 200,000 pay day when they did a deal with Tottenham following the transfer of Anthony Gardner, writes Jack Steggles.
Now we have kissed goodbye to the Capital of Culture, does this mean development on the Quaysides will grind to a halt?
Mr Bevan, from Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil, had kissed goodbye to his partner Claire Powell, pictured right with Andrew, and said: ``See you
Patel has refused to get on board with the England philosophy and has now all but kissed goodbye to an international career.
But race-goers kissed goodbye to a monster pounds 25million pay-out when the hot favourite was beaten in the Champion Hurdle.
Harjinder Sangha, 30, had kissed goodbye to his joyful wife and son at the maternity ward just two hours before the accident which claimed his life.