kiss my arse

kiss (one's) arse

rude slang To flatter, fawn over, or eagerly agree with one, especially a person of higher authority, as a means of currying favor. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. It's no wonder you're the teacher's favourite from the way you kiss her arse! Look, it's just the nature of this business that sometimes you have to kiss arse if you want to get ahead.
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kiss my arse!

1. rude slang An exclamation of contempt, disregard, or general disrespect. Primarily heard in UK. Kiss my arse, Jerry! You couldn't do a better job fixing this truck if your life depended on it! Some guy tried hitting on me at the bar, so I told him to kiss my arse, and I walked off!
2. rude slang An expression of refusal to do something someone has requested. Primarily heard in UK. You want me to start working on Saturdays, too? Well you can kiss my arse, I don't need this job!
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kiss my arse

go away!; go to hell! vulgar slang
See also: arse, kiss
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Translated - and written in its proper Gaelic form Pog mo thoin - it means Kiss My Arse.
You might think that compiling a dictionary of slang is as easy as kiss my arse.
The bookmakers there would tell me to kiss my arse.
It flits across the private life of Henry Purcell typically not to tell us he wrote Dido and Aeneas or Lilliburlero but that his wife was having a difficult fourth pregnancy and the composer was working on a series of jolly rounds on the text of Kiss My Arse.