kiss goodbye to (someone or something)

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kiss goodbye to (someone or something)

1. Literally, to give one a kiss when parting. Hold up, come kiss goodbye to your mother before you leave!
2. To lose or end something, especially suddenly; to be forced to accept such a loss or end. You were caught drinking on school property? Well, you can kiss goodbye to your brand new car, mister! After my horse lost the final race, I kissed goodbye to all the money I'd won that day at the track. You do realize that you'll be kissing goodbye to all the benefits the company has to offer if you decide to work as a freelancer?
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kiss something good-bye

to anticipate or experience the loss of something. If you leave your camera on a park bench, you can kiss it good-bye. You kissed your wallet good-bye when you left it in the store.
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kiss good-bye

Be forced to regard as lost, ruined, or hopeless, as in Now that both kids are sick, we'll have to kiss our vacation in Florida good-bye. This usage ironically alludes to a genuine good-bye kiss. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see kiss off, def. 2.
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kiss goodbye to something


say goodbye to something

COMMON If you have to kiss goodbye to or say goodbye to something good, you have to accept the fact that you will stop having it or will never have it After my injury, I felt sure I'd have to kiss goodbye to my dancing career. If he loses this match, he can say goodbye to his dreams of being world champion.
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kiss/say goodˈbye to something


kiss something goodˈbye

(informal) give up hope of getting something that you want very much: You’ll have to say goodbye to your chances of becoming a doctor if you don’t pass the exams.After this letter from the bank, we can kiss goodbye to our trip to Australia.
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The fact is we might as well kiss goodbye to any trade deal with the Share your views: www.
But it will probably have to kiss goodbye to most of the cash.
you could kiss goodbye to every wind farm in the land.
Liam Burke said: "think the city can kiss goodbye to this attraction now.
According to the study of 2,000 women, which was carried out by cereal bar firm Fibre Plus, more than one in five women say they would kiss goodbye to their sex lives before chocolate.
RONALDINO can kiss goodbye to playing for AC Milan after Rossoneri chief Silvio Berlusconi said he was no longer interested in signing the Samba star.
Paul Petrie, Totepool spokesman, said yesterday: "If there are any results like last weekend, players can kiss goodbye to winning.
Brechin boss Michael O'Neill said: "We knew we had to win or kiss goodbye to any chance of making the play-offs.
And the Aussie utility man says the Londoners can kiss goodbye to the title - because it's become a two-horse race between Arsenal and Manchester United.
You can kiss goodbye to cheap tickets if he does buy the club.
JOHN Prescott faces mounting challenges over his links to a US billionaire's casino plans after refusing to kiss goodbye to his job.
In an extremely tight Group A, if the Galicians lose in their own Estadio Riazor tonight then they can virtually kiss goodbye to progressing to the next stage.
The most powerful women in breast cancer" were honored in October as part of the Avon Foundation Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer awards.
The feeling is that if the Frenchman doesn't have a good excuse for his absence, he can kiss goodbye to the remaining two weeks of his short-termcontract.