kiss away

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kiss something away (from something)

to kiss something and make something bad go away, such as tears, grief, pain, etc. She kissed the tears of pain and disappointment away from her son's face. She kissed away his tears. She kissed the tears away.
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She's a well-known novelist, and founder of the anti-bullying organisation Bystander Revolution - but nobody believes she's going to kiss away staggering billions just because she's her own person.
His health deteriorates every day and it scares me so much JOELY AS SHE FACES FUTURE I'm going to kiss away those naughty lumps in your head KELLI WHEN SHE COMFORTS TOM
The former model grabbed Victoria Beckham wannabe Chanelle Hayes and pulled her into the outside loo for a kiss away from the cameras.
'The question that came to my mind had to remain unspoken: what about the line, 'We'll kiss away each hour of hiraeth'?,' writes Sylvia.
It's classic Sex Bomb Tom as his adoring fans love him - just a kiss away.
One day I blurt out, `Please don't wipe my kiss away, rub it in and make it stay.' Something about the rhyme makes him laugh.
Harry realised there were photographers outside and replied: "Oh, not ere." So Natalie went back down into the stairwell to get her kiss away from onlookers.
Scores of children from Thomas's school, Wallasey School, in Leasowe,cried and hugged each other as Hero by Enrique Iglesias was played with the chorus, ``I will be your hero baby, I will kiss away the pain, I will stand by you forever''.
Scores of children from Thomas's school,Wallasey School in Leasowe,cried and hugged each other as Hero by Enrique Iglesias was played with the chorus: ``I will be your hero baby, I will kiss away the pain,I will stand by you forever.''
"When I was offered Angela's Ashes, which was already quite a success as a book, I put The Sucker's Kiss away. And then, on my last film, there was an impending strike of writers and actors in America.
Anyone who whispered behind their hands that this was a marriage of convenience or a business arrangement should have been there to see the Chancellor and his Mrs Brown kiss away such cynicism.
As speculation mounted over the venue for their wedding, they were happy to stroll on a deserted beach and share a passionate kiss away from the bright lights of the Academy Awards.
But fully aware that a few seconds of recklessness could kiss away your driving licence, I controlled my urges.
He wasn't yet a real star, but women - especially older women - saw someone they could mother and from whom they could kiss away all that sadness and unrequited love of which he sang.