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Put yourselves in front of us,' she said then; and so all the ladies-in-waiting put themselves in front, and he began to kiss the Princess.
he said, when he saw the kissing; and then he threw one of his slippers at their heads just as the Swineherd was taking his eighty-sixth kiss.
Perhaps I've gone a little too far in taking notice of the pretty little thing and stealing a kiss now and then.
And I never kissed her i' my life--but I'd ha' worked hard for years for the right to kiss her.
She had, in fact, undone the kiss, as far as such a thing was physically possible.
Next, I don't think there was anything romantic in Tudor's attempting to kiss me, nor anything like adventure in this absurd duel.
But this kiss had tasted soapsuds, and the lips, he had noticed, were flabby.
We never succeeded in managing more than a dozen stolen meetings, and we kissed perhaps a dozen times--as boys and girls kiss, briefly and innocently, and wonderingly.
And it is not long since a knight of the island of Rhodes that was hardy and valiant said that he would kiss her.
Then she would come out of the cave and he should kiss her on the mouth.
Thou could'st not prize the rose and the nightingale, but thou wast ready to kiss the swineherd for the sake of a trumpery plaything.
Miss Bridget did not, however, suffer her to continue long in this doubtful situation; for having looked some time earnestly at the child, as it lay asleep in the lap of Mrs Deborah, the good lady could not forbear giving it a hearty kiss, at the same time declaring herself wonderfully pleased with its beauty and innocence.
Seeders she despised utterly; she had but taken his kiss as that of a pioneer and prophetic prince who might have set the clocks going and the pages to running in fairyland.
And yet she wanted to kiss him as she had never wanted to kiss a man.
She lighted the gas, and, as she removed the little velvet hat, she felt her lips still tingling with the kiss.