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keep (one's) lips sealed

To not say anything (about something); to keep (something) a secret. Please keep your lips sealed about our engagement, we aren't ready to tell everybody just yet.
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kip down

slang To sleep or prepare to sleep, especially someplace other than one's own bed or home. Primarily heard in UK. I couldn't afford a hotel, so I just kipped down in my car for the night. He's been kipping down in the spare room ever since their argument.
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kipe (something)

slang To steal something in a furtive or surreptitious manner. Possibly an informal combination of "cop" and "swipe," both meaning the same. Apparently, the city has a big problem with young kids going around kiping tourists' wallets. I kiped a few beers from my dad's fridge and took them to the party.
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in. to sleep. He’s upstairs kipping. Can he call you back?
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Lastly, the withdrawal resistances of Douglas-fir joints with 1.75-inch end-distances were 4.8 and 5.1 kips, respectively, for joints with 0.84- and 1.05-inch cross pins.
But even as the shop owner voiced her woes, she said her lot is much better than those of civil servants who have salaries of not more than 300,000 kips a month.
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