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keep (one's) lips sealed

To not say anything (about something); to keep (something) a secret. Please keep your lips sealed about our engagement, we aren't ready to tell everybody just yet.
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kip down

slang To sleep or prepare to sleep, especially someplace other than one's own bed or home. Primarily heard in UK. I couldn't afford a hotel, so I just kipped down in my car for the night. He's been kipping down in the spare room ever since their argument.
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kipe (something)

slang To steal something in a furtive or surreptitious manner. Possibly an informal combination of "cop" and "swipe," both meaning the same. Apparently, the city has a big problem with young kids going around kiping tourists' wallets. I kiped a few beers from my dad's fridge and took them to the party.
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in. to sleep. He’s upstairs kipping. Can he call you back?
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Early in 1942, Cyril Kipping co-founded the Cannock Chase Chess Club, which took the Wolverhampton and District League by storm.
'Kipping was infatuated with the young Leonor, that frail, beautiful girl, tender as the budding flower with kindly wistful eyes,' he wrote.
Mrs Kipping said she hopes the first Multibrellas will be in available in the next four months.
With support and enthusiasm from friends and family Mrs Kipping took out a bank loan to register her design, trademark the Multibrella name and launch her company Kerlen.
"But they might have rocky, possibly Earth-like moons," said David Kipping of University College London.
Kipping's calculations, which will appear in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, show that such moons would reveal their presence when the planet passes in front of its star as viewed from Earth.
You can start the kipping pull-up from a dead hang, but if you're new to the exercise, try starting at the top.
While most people know what a traditional pull-up is, very few have ever heard of a kipping pull-up--kip for short.