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keep (one's) lips sealed

To not say anything (about something); to keep (something) a secret. Please keep your lips sealed about our engagement, we aren't ready to tell everybody just yet.
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kipe (something)

slang To steal something in a furtive or surreptitious manner. Possibly an informal combination of "cop" and "swipe," both meaning the same. Apparently, the city has a big problem with young kids going around kiping tourists' wallets. I kiped a few beers from my dad's fridge and took them to the party.
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in. to sleep. He’s upstairs kipping. Can he call you back?
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Suffering from a congenital form of diabetes, the twenty-one-year-old is perpetually short of breath (2) and is as badly in need of a "protector" (5) as Kip. But, Clare acknowledges, because she's "living on half a kidney" (54), "I'm expensive to keep.
The next 25st KIP will be organized from 29.08.2013 to 18.09.2013, with Punjab as the Partner State.
Kip said: "They had a complex relationship but it was based on mutual respect."
Over the next few days, Kip's uncle asked her questions: Where did Kip want to be buried?
By using ARPRO, the Kip Carbone helmet can withstand these stresses and retain excellent energy absorption, meaning the wearer is able to continue to perform in the knowledge that they are still protected."
A proud fifth generation Canadian, Kip loved the army from his earliest remembrance.
The KIP is open to youth of Indian origin (18-26 years).
The buyer signed the takeover agreement with Kip Caravans' receiver Jeroen Reiziger.
On arrival they found the car had become wedged upside down in the verge, and the driver, who had been travelling from Kip Hill to Stanley, was trapped inside.
This first drop gives you enough momentum to start the kip with a little assistance.
John, who is playing the part of Robin Hood at the New Theatre, Cardiff, until January 24, and also plays Captain Jack in Torchwood, handed over the money to the charity's grateful staff and a cute beneficiary, Kip.
Kip's prominence during the Second World War tends to eclipse consideration of his experiences as a young soldier during the First.
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