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iron out the kinks

To work on fixing any small problems that are present in a project. The main development is finished, we just need to iron out the kinks before we release the product.
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get the kinks (ironed) out

Fig. to fix a problem associated with something. The actors had to get the kinks out before they were ready to present the play to an audience. That'll be a right nice car, when you get the kinks ironed out in the engine.
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kink up

[for something] to develop kinks or tangles. The leather parts tend to shrink and kink up in the damp weather. My hair kinks up in this weather.
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1. n. a strange person; a kinky person. The guy’s a kink. Watch out for him.
2. n. a sexually deviant person. The kinks congregate two streets over.
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Unsurprisingly, there have been numerous changes of personnel in the Kinks' 32 year history, but almost all the other ex-Kinks have also guested with the Kast Off Kinks, including Ray Davies.
La vida despues de la vida de The Kinks es igualmente extrana.
Though he professes to generally hold the same musical tastes that he had when the Kinks started--asked what record currently sits atop his turntable, he seems almost sheepish to report "it's still Willie Dixon"--Davies is hardly a grumpy traditionalist.
The tube flexibility is also determined in the electromechanical Instron load flame prior to conducting the kink resistance test.
These tests--performed by O-level maintainers--will determine whether the kinks are restricting airflow to the masks.
Four years earlier, the Kinks had been one of the most popular bands in the West, climbing the American and British charts with two brash, loud rock songs, "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night.
Any reunion is likely to coincide with next year's release of a Kinks CD box set called Retrospective.
GERMANY-BASED Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics scientists have developed a new computer code that will enable them to calculate and predict kinks appearing on the exterior of electro-magnetic fields containing the super-heated plasma core of the ITER fusion reactor.
Los Angeles band Simon Dawes also draws from the Kinks and a number of other 1960s influences on its debut, ``Carnivore'' (Record Collection), but turns them into unconventionally structured reworkings instead of mere slavish imitations.
Rubber hose reinforced with tire cord fiber has good resistance to weathering, cracking and kinks.
They take us to 50-stair rails with six kinks or to six-inch-high ledges waxed to shit and wonder why no one gets out of the van.
So has working out technical kinks, which has temporarily prevented the factory from reaching full capacity, and nearly doubled its price.
The Kinks and the Stones, particularly, have written songs which have stood the test of time as well as those of the Beatles
They chose Angels by Robbie Williams, West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Space Oddity by David Bowie and You Really Got Me by the Kinks.