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iron out the kinks

To work on fixing any small problems that are present in a project. The main development is finished, we just need to iron out the kinks before we release the product.
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get the kinks (ironed) out

Fig. to fix a problem associated with something. The actors had to get the kinks out before they were ready to present the play to an audience. That'll be a right nice car, when you get the kinks ironed out in the engine.
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kink up

[for something] to develop kinks or tangles. The leather parts tend to shrink and kink up in the damp weather. My hair kinks up in this weather.
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1. n. a strange person; a kinky person. The guy’s a kink. Watch out for him.
2. n. a sexually deviant person. The kinks congregate two streets over.
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The Kinks have always had a love-hate relationship with Britain," Dave says, "whereas the Americans really took us to their hearts very early on.
I felt at the time I had done enough with The Kinks and after the White City concert I spoke to my brother Dave.
But that is the mystery of Ray Davies of the Kinks, the writer who drinks his tea and wipes the steam from the window of a little cafe, as rain falls on the people passing by.
Despite this, and the essential Englishness of their work, The Kinks went on to conquer the United States in the 70s at the very time their stock was waning at home.
The Kinks were one of the most influential bands of the sixties with classic hits such as Waterloo Sunset,You Really Got Me,All Day and All of The Night,Dedicated Follower of Fashion,Sunny Afternoon and Lola.
We want to work the kinks out and get used to playing with one another again so that it won't be a big adjustment when the season starts,'' Littlerock coach Rachel Behen said.
Now, with the addition of The Kinks late 1970s and early 1980s masters through the KOCH agreement, Celebrity has become the foremost licensing agent of Kinks' repertoire.
Spence, a physicist at Arizona State University in Tempe, and his colleagues have developed a technique-called forbidden reflection electron microscopy-to watch such kinks form and move on a flexible surface.
THE former frontman of legendary sixties group The Kinks is living proof of practicing what you preach.
THE Kinks and David Bowie beat the Beatles and the Stones as the top five songs of the last 50 years were named yesterday.
THE Kinks front man Ray Davies was recovering last night after being shot in the leg by a mugger,police said.
Encapsulating the most successful era of the long and colorful history of influential rock band The Kinks, KOCH Records is set to release Come Dancing: Best Of The Kinks 1977-1986 on October 24th.
That's what intrasquad games are for - to work out some kinks.
THE Kinks perform some of their biggest hits, including Come Dancing and Celluloid Heroes, in a concert recorded for American radio in 1993.
At their peak, The Kinks were one of the top five British groups but as success followed success, Davies slid into chronic despair.