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iron out the kinks

To work on fixing any small problems that are present in a project. The main development is finished, we just need to iron out the kinks before we release the product.
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get the kinks (ironed) out

Fig. to fix a problem associated with something. The actors had to get the kinks out before they were ready to present the play to an audience. That'll be a right nice car, when you get the kinks ironed out in the engine.
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kink up

[for something] to develop kinks or tangles. The leather parts tend to shrink and kink up in the damp weather. My hair kinks up in this weather.
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1. n. a strange person; a kinky person. The guy’s a kink. Watch out for him.
2. n. a sexually deviant person. The kinks congregate two streets over.
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Kink said: "The manager hasn't told me what role he has in mind for me and I understand that.
Although kink resistance of plasticized PVC remains outstanding, G1645-rcPP blends are closing the performance gap and are believed to meet the essential end-product requirements.
The Kinks have always had a love-hate relationship with Britain," Dave says, "whereas the Americans really took us to their hearts very early on.
But that is the mystery of Ray Davies of the Kinks, the writer who drinks his tea and wipes the steam from the window of a little cafe, as rain falls on the people passing by.
Despite this, and the essential Englishness of their work, The Kinks went on to conquer the United States in the 70s at the very time their stock was waning at home.
The abolition of the kink test will mean that all assets held on March 31, 1982 will be deemed to have a cost equivalent to their market value on that date.
da Kink has been a success since its premiere at the Toronto Fringe Festival, at which it outsold all other shows, was the Toronto Sun's "Pick of the Fringe," and was honoured with a "Critic's pick" by Now Magazine.
Yeah, but I already lipslid a quintuple kink the other day.
So has working out technical kinks, which has temporarily prevented the factory from reaching full capacity, and nearly doubled its price.
95) departs from the usual mainstream dating rules to address the needs and approaches of women who date in the realms of dominance, fetish and kink.
Marginal utility below this kink in the utility function is higher than marginal utility above the kink.
But as a gay guy who has participated in what you all dub "playing with race," I was amazed and delighted that Colorlines would feature this topic, especially when most of the queer press, the sex press, the kink press, avoid the topic.
Jamestown and Tonya Lee Williams's Kink in My Hair, also shot in Toronto, were broadcast on Vision in the fall of 2004, and Charles Officer's Hotel Babylon, which was shot in Winnipeg in November, and will be aired in early 2005.
5 Do not bend or kink wiring that may have become brittle in the cold.